Week 3 Things 5 & 6: Flickr

I've had a Flickr account for a while now and it's been great for sharing photos with family and friends. I agree with jwdettel, the uploading limits are frustrating, but I still like Flickr because I can send links to family and friends and they don't need to create an account to view the photos.

Flickr is also great for eBay. Instead of paying eBay to host photos of your items for auction, you can insert a link to a Flickr photo instead.

You can make Flickr uploading easier by downloading and installing the Flickr Uploading Tool. This lets you drag and drop photos into Flickr and automatically resizes them for you so that you don't max out on your monthly quota.

Speaking of Flickr, I just found my son on the cover of a magazine!

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