Helene personally delivered my MP3 player today. Luckily it came with instructions. I am not one who likes to read instructions, but I couldn't have figured out how to work the player without them.

The first thing I did was download an audiobook. I have been chained by headphones to a computer for too long and the old MP3 player that I have at home does not have enough memory for even a short audiobook. Thank goodness this player has 1 GB of memory! Thank you Helene!

Some things to note for those who are going to download audiobooks from NetLibrary:

  • After you set up your NetLibrary account via the Online Resources page, log out, and from now on go directly to to log in. If you access NetLibrary via the Online Resources page you are going to be routed through a proxy server at Main Library. If this happens your connection will be so slow that you will have little patience in waiting for a download--not to mention unnecessarily tying up our bandwidth!
  • Go to the AudioBooks page on PLCMC. There is a link to Downloading an Audiobook to a Portable Player that will show you how to get the audiobook from Windows Media Player to the MP3 player. I had a hard time finding the book because it downloaded to a temporary file, but once I found it and moved it to the Desktop everything went smoothly.
The ear buds were a little awkward at first and I thought they were going to fall out of my ears, but as long as I don't pull on the wires they stay in.

So there are 19 days left for PLCMC staff to earn an MP3 player. For those who have not jumped on board yet, what are you waiting for? You have over 200 staff who have completed all 23 things that can help you! Come on in the water is just fine!