First Test

This was the email in my inbox earlier today:

Hello everybody,

Just a reminder that your first test lesson 6 is coming up Friday Jan 26 and Saturday Jan. 27. Make sure all your activities and labs are done before you take test. please if you have any questions call me or send me an email.

good luck!

So my first test is this week, and I am a bit nervous because while I have completed nearly all the assignments I haven't learned or retained very much. It's hard taking a second Spanish class nearly a decade after I took the first class. The technology and design put into this online class are impressive. As far as sound instructional design principles this is the best class I've taken so far. But the class was developed by Quia, not the professors at my school. What does that say about our colleges and universities? What really gets me is that these schools offer degrees in instructional design. Why then, do they not use their own instructional designers?